I am a freelance marketing consultant with over 20 years of experience and a senior level approach


I am an elected Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing with a Diploma in Professional Marketing, which means that you can be sure I know what I am talking about and maintain a current approach.

I have worked in both SMB and enterprise organisations and in several industries, but with many years in the fast-moving and complex IT sector.  Which means I am adaptable and used to fast paced environments, change and even ambiguity!


I can manage and deliver all your marketing activities – from the most complex multi-discipline campaign as part of an overall strategy, to a simple one off idea, event or opportunity that you just can’t afford to miss.  Which means you have access to an additional resource that can pretty much get anything done.


I have a particularly strong history in developing demand generation campaigns that drive business revenue and growth, which means if leads are what you need, I can deliver!

I believe that the process of building a relationship with a client is especially important because it ensures I understand you, your business and its needs, so I enjoy investing time in that part of the ride. I also think it’s vital to be as flexible and adaptable as possible, because this ensures that you get what you want from the trip.

And, if I can let you into a little secret….I have a wicked sense of humour so it’s just possible we will also have some fun along the way.

Bus Stop

So, if you need to start planning a marketing journey or already know where you’d like to get to, please contact me at lou@themarketingbus.co.uk or give me a call on 00 44 7880 787 844 for a chat.