The Passengers

Woodsford Tradebridge Finance are a privately funded financial services organisation specialising in providing Mid-Market and SMB organisations with creative funding solutions. As a young, rapidly growing company, CEO Mark Coxhead was executing on his leadership role and also trying to deliver the company’s marketing requirements. As the business grew and the demands on his time increased, it was clear another solution was required. Mark contacted me and we agreed a 2 day a week freelance contract which covers all the duties of a Marketing Manager. We are currently working on a number of tactical initiatives (eMail marketing, lead generation and events) but to drive focus and rigour around the marketing activities (in order to support the overall business objectives) we are developing a high-level strategy, that will help drive the business forward.

 Mark Coxhead, CEO:

“Marketing was a role that fell to me more or less by default, and as the business grew and became increasingly successful, I was finding it harder and harder to deliver!  I engaged The Marketing Bus and very quickly, we were back on track.  We are working to a plan, have a structure around our activities that feeds back up to the business objectives and we can track and report back to the board the real results as the pipeline is developing.”

myHRdept offer a range of services that outsource the Human Resources function for small and medium sized business.  Whilst reviewing the website in preparation for a long overdue update, Director Catherine Larke, realised some of the old content needed some work.  The Marketing Bus was engaged to re-write some of the key pages:

 Catherine Larke, Director:

“Most of the content on our website was written in-house some time ago and to be honest, we struggled to keep it short and relevant.  My concern was that this style did nothing to engage with either our clients or prospects.  The Marketing Bus re-wrote our most important pages, providing copy that was concise and focused and in particular, brought out the business benefits that our customers come to experience.  The process was easy and Lou quickly grasped the nature of our business and what we needed to communicate.  Now we are looking forward to the new website going live and one day, we’ll get the rest of it re-written”!

Gemalto are an international software company with several business divisions and a worldwide revenue of 3.1M euros in 2016.  The Enterprise Security & Software Monetization sales team required additional resources to manage the UK event of a global series, and The Marketing Bus were engaged for the project reporting to the Director of Global Field Marketing, based in Israel.  The Marketing Bus integrated with the UK and EMEA stakeholders and with a clear understanding the objectives, created a detailed project plan that worked to achieve the brief. This allowed the individuals involved to track actions, ownerships and budget against the schedule. 

Frank Katzer, Director of global field marketing:

“With the geographies in mind, I wanted someone who could take this project and run with it.  It was important to me that the local decision making was confident and experienced and that the UK Sales Director and the EMEA team were comfortable with the progress and the management of the event.  I felt Louise quickly understood the remit and the best way to work with those involved, and very soon built up credibility with my team.”

The Marketing Bus dealt with every element of the planning, preparation and execution of the event – from venue sourcing to giveaways, from copywriting communications to tracking the dietary requirements and from speaker        co-ordination to the post-event internal review.

Jamie Longmuir, UK Sales DIRECTOR

“This event was a huge opportunity for us in the UK and I was relieved to get someone on board who I knew would be able to deliver what we needed, and with our resources stretched, requiring minimal support.  Lou just fitted straight into the team we were soon all caught up with her momentum and enthusiasm.”